Do you like what I do but have no need for a photo-shoot or any room to hang my art on your wall? You can still help!

I spend most of my time on the road traveling to new places trying to find what people would like to see, what they haven’t seen, or what they otherwise will never see and putting my perspective on it. I’m also big on talking to people in the area to learn about it’s history and relaying that information with the images.

While I’m out on the road I don’t have the time to do photo shoots is short term work which brings in current income while selling prints works in the long term work which pays off later meaning I can’t work or have any income while I’m on the road and things such as gas, dog food, water, food, and even though I camp most of the time I like to check in at least once a week to a hotel or travel center to take a shower.

All these things tend to be costly and people like you can absolutely help out!

You can give as little as $5 or as much as $50 and all these options inbetween, and you get perks that come with it. You can get discounts on prints, workshops, or if you’re an artist or aspiring artist I will personally talk with you and give you feedback/critiques on your work and give you some tips and tricks. Something, anything, to give back to people that are capable of giving to me.

If you like the art that I share, the information that I carry with it, or otherwise just want to keep me on the road then consider ordering a print, scheduling a photo shoot or subscribing to my Patreon.

By doing so you’re helping fill my gas tank and helping me get to the next place, you’re helping me buy dog food for my best friend, you’re encouraging me to go further and you will ultimately inspire me to just keep going.

All of this costs very little and goes a long way, I promise.

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