Portland is one of my favorite locations to photograph and that’s why we created a photo workshop dedicated to urban-and-suburban photography. The hustle and bustle, the colorful characters, the amazing architecture, the parks, an efficient public transportation system, the best food carts in the world…and Powell’s Book Store! Portland’s got it all, and you should join me there for an unforgettable workshop.

Photography workshops should be an amazing archetype shifting experience; something you will remember and cherish forever. Workshops should advance your knowledge and ability to create images exponentially. With that in mind, I’ve done everything I can to design the type of workshop that I myself would be thrilled to attend. A lot of photography workshops out there are more like tours, where you pay to photograph some awesome place with a well known photographer. You get there and the photographer puts you at a good location but then you’re pretty much on your own. I don’t think I’d ever want to attend a workshop like that. My workshops & classes are designed to give students a hands-on approach to creating beautiful images in both the field and in the art of post processing. When we get to a beautiful location, I’m not going to disappear in search of my own shots; I’ll be right beside you, explaining what does what and why, helping you make the most out of what’s in front of your camera. Additionally, you won’t be herded from place to place like cattle in a large group. I keep the groups small and intimate and the schedule full and intensive.