My Trips

Often I go and photograph singular locations and return home, but sometimes I do grand adventures and take multiple day-to-week trips and this is where you will find those stories documented. I will tell you my experiences, stories related to them, and my photographs that I took on the trip itself. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any recommendations please feel free to contact me and let me know where and why.

Glacier National Park

I took my first trip to Glacier National Park in July 2020 in order to capture it’s essence in the middle of nowhere, and what better place than to a park I’ve never been to but have been told to visit for years.

The Lower Falls of The Yellowstone River at Sunset
Yellowstone & The Grand Tetons

I went to Yellowstone National Park & The Grand Teton National Park, to me the most iconic National Park in America, in October 2020 for a week after peak fall season and a few days before the park closed many roads for winter.