My Memory Card Failed During A Wedding, & This Is What I Did To Fix It!

I have been a photographer since 2006 and I’ve never had this happen before, so allow me to give some advice in case it happens to you.

Yesterday I was shooting a wedding and during the last few photos of the day my camera was taking an unusual amount of time to process a picture it took. Albeit I get a little impatient when I’m trying to shoot, but it was delaying my progress so I tried turning the camera off.

This is where my series of mistakes start. It continues to process the image as it turned off, which is normal, but I hoped it would have fixed it by speeding up the process, but it doesn’t so I then take the battery out also, which is a fix all.

Usually, anyway, because when I did it and turned the camera on this is the end result:

First image is the first screen of the loop I was stuck in, and the second is what happens when you pressed enter. I refused to press enter the second time fearing I’d format the card.

I pressed enter on the first screen, and then was prompted to the second. So I pressed cancel and it took me back to the first screen. I pressed cancel there also, but it just reloaded the same prompt.

What would I do? Return the money? Redo the wedding? How do I fix this for them?!

I told the couple that I was afraid to move forward with anymore pictures because there’s a chance I could or may have already lost them because of this error. I just photographed an entire wedding and then lost the images?!

So I explain what happened and show them the screen, and they understood, and I left. The whole ride home I kept wondering if the images were safe and not corrupted. Which corrupted isn’t the worst because there’s software to recover them but to what extent? All of them? Some? In what condition? So many questions!

I got home and immediately checked. I put my memory card in the computer and suddenly I got that heart stopping dialogue box on the computer that said the memory card was corrupted!!! Nooooo!!!

But, for whatever reason, it still allowed me to get all of the images, including the very last one that was processing, and none of them were errored. Not one mistake or degraded image. So, my advice if you ever get this, is to stop shooting.

Take the memory card home or to your computer and upload the files to your hard drive. Play it safe, don’t execute on the prompt and play it safe! Even the couple had messaged me yesterday asking if I could put their mind at ease and tell them everything is ok, and it was!!

Shew! Crisis averted!

I did some research and I’m not the only one that has happened to, and with varying degrees of why’s, where’s, when’s and how to fix it’s, so nothing that absolutely solved my issue (I had already solved it) that I read but if I could add to that list and help someone else then great!

I also recently discovered, in that research, that I can write to both cards slots (the Sony A7III has dual card slots) by writing one with RAW and the other in JPEG, which I will now being using as an option to cover me in case this happens again and I can be sure I will still have all the images at least on the other card still. You can never be too safe!

Have you ever had a memory card corrupt or something similar happen to you?

What did you do to fix it? Let me know down below!

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